CKay Lim 林志强

Comedian Actor . Host & Drama Trainer(MOE registered)


Name: CKay Lim

Height: 168cm

Race: Chinese Peranakan

Country of Residence: Singapore 

Citizenship: Singaporean

Language Proficiency: English, Mandarin, Malay (simple conversation)

Skills: Acting, Show Hosting, Voice-overs, Singing,Teaching, Tae Kwan Do

Rating in Mediacorp Studio (Part-Time Artiste): Enhanced

Previous roles acted: Doctor, Dentist, Handicapped, Mute, Policeman, Detective, Eldest son, Depression patient, Student, Teacher, Husband, Theif, Kidnapper, Gangster, Gay, Editor, Lunatic, etc.

Interest: Performing, Singing, Acting, Swimming, Tennis, Movies, Listening to music


Bust: 39.5

Waist: 34-36

Lower Hip: 37

Neck: 16

Shoe: 42"

Arm Hole: 22.5

Full Sleeve: 21


  • Gan Eng Seng School Drama Society
  • Singapore Armed Forces Music & Drama Company
  • Drama Acting Course (Talent Page)
  • TV Acting Course (Mediacorp Studios)
  • TV/Film Acting (Kelvin Sng)
  • Acting for Camera & Film (New York Film Academy)
  • MFA & Diploma in Acting for National Academy of Drama New York City 
  • Film Academy's Film Making & Acting Course in New York and Paris
  • Acting Skills, Voice Techniques (Personal Coaching --- Peggy Ferros)
  • Musical Theatre Performance (Tabby Cat Theatre)
  • Musical Theatre Workshop on Presentation and Performance Techniques (Tabby Cat Theatre)
  • Musical Theatre Singing (Hong Kong)
  • Linguistics Workshop
  • Opera Acting Course (Hong Kong)
  • Basic Modelling Course
  • Peoples' Association S.T.A.R.S. Trainer
  • Radio Presenting Course
  • Vocal Training (Sir. Thomas Manhart) (Ms. Jacintha A.)
  • Physical Training (California Fitness - Personal Trainer - Eddy Seow)
  • Dance Training (Hip-hop, Salsa, Latino Jam, Street Jazz, Step, Tap Dance) (Various Instructors)

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