CKay Lim 林志强

Comedian Actor . Host & Drama Trainer(MOE registered)

Latest Drama 2013-2017

Channel 8 - 卫国先锋 as Fuji

Channel 8 - 第一主角 as 许志光 (监制)

Channel 8 - 揭秘

Channel 8 - 富贵平安 as 夏炳基

Channel 5 - Meet the MP

Channel U - 分手快乐 Let it go - JJ

Channel 8 - 吉人天下 - 鲁仁甲

Channel 8 - 信约 :动荡的年代 The Journeys : Tumultuous Time - 大炮

Starhub TV 都会台 - 我的宝贝机密 My Secret Apps -小老板

Channel 8 - 信约 :唐山到南洋 The Journeys : A Voyage - 阿叔
Channel 5 - Code of Law Seasons 2 
Channel 8 - Busybody 今天我是谁
Channel 8 - 都是小黑惹的祸


Channel 8 - 花样人间, Joys of Life - 地牛,李海山 (comical)
Channel U - 注定, Show Hand - 特约 (comical)
Channel 8 -  行医, The Oath - Alan (person in depression)
Channel 5 - Le Bisellahause (HDB Flat - seller Mr. Ang)
Channel 5 - Unnatural 2 - Carbon Monoxide - Kenny


Channel 8 - 《HAPPY BIRTHDAY - 生日快乐》
Role :阿俊 (with Fann Wong 范文芳 , Chen Hui Hui 陈慧慧,Guan Xue Mei 关雪梅)
Episodes : Epdisode 5

Channel 8 Sitcom - (The in-laws 麻婆斗妇)(still filming)
Role :阿兴 (with Pierre Png, Li Si Qi, and others)
Featuring, Hong Kong international actress, Li Si Qi 李思棋)
Episodes : 35 epdisode

Children Drama (going to be in production)


Channel 8 - New legal drama 《The Family Court 走进走出》
Role :汉生 (智障-down syndrome)

Channel 8 - 《我在你左右》
Role: Anthony , co-acting with Nat Ho.

Channel 8 - 五福到
Role: David, co-acting with Cynthia Koh

Channel 5 - The Pupil
Episodes: 12 & 13, co-acting with Melody Chen

Featured Film - 千言万语 (featured film) starts production in mid 2010


Channel 8 - The Ultimatamn 双子星

Featuring Zoe Tay, Fann Wong

Role: Inspector Tan (Supporting)


Channel 8 - Dream Catcher 未来不是梦

Main Casts: Tay Ping Hui, Jessica Liu, Rui-En, Shuan Chen , Kym Ng, etc.

Role : Gary (with Shuan Chen)
Debut 4 Feb 09 - 9pm

Channel 8 - 想握你的手 (180 episodes long sitcom drama)

Main Casts : Chen Liping, Huang Wen Yong, Joanne Peh, Pierre Png, Yvonne Lim, Berlinda Lee, Dawn Yeo, Yao Wen Long, Shaun Chen, Ann Kok, Calvin Soh, Chen Shu Cheng,PAn Ling Ling, Chen Tian Wen, Zhang Yao Dong, Adam Chen, etc.
Role: KK Lim (with Huang Shi Nan)
Debut 11 Nov 09 - 7pm

Channel 8 - The Housewives' Holidays煮妇的假期
Main Casts: Yao Wen Long, Ann Kok, Hong Hui Fang, Wang Xiu Yun, Xiang Yun, etc.
Role: ¼ÒÃú (Wen Long's brother)
Debut 4 Mar 09 - 9pm


Channel U - Perfect Cut 2  一切完美

Main Casts: Thomas Ong, Michelle Chia, Julian Hee£, Zheng Wanling
Role : ÄÏÉú


Ch 8 new sitcom - 穿越阿哥哥


OKTO - My Classmate Dad

Main Casts: Mark Lee 李国煌, Gemia Foo, CKay Lim, Jerald Tan, Valtino Philemon Manen, Rose Lim, Rishikesh GM, Marina Bohari, Royston Ong, David Loo, Kamil Haque, Elfasusanti Binte Samat.

Description: My Classmate, Dad is a lighthearted drama series about what happens when a 38-year-old father gets trapped in the body of his 12-year-old nephew who’s also the classmate of his son.

Channel 8 - Love Blossom 心花朵朵开

Role: 阿俊

Episodes: 51 – 56


Channel 8 – The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点

Role: 黄志良 , co-acting with Fann Wong

Episodes: 1 – 8


Channel 8 – My Mum’s My Best Friend 我的好友我的妈

Role: Ah Guang


Kids Central - R.E.M

Role: Ben

Episode: 8


Channel 8 Sitcom – Kinship 手足 1 & 2

Role: 小柏


Channel 8 - 黄金路


Channel 5: Maggi and Me


True Files Season 5: Death @ 13
Role: John, rapist cum murderer
On air: 28 Jan 2007, 10pm

Channel 5 – Missing Thomas Ong
Role: Thomas’s elder brother (Lead role)



Did a new Ch 5. TV pilot show with Patricia Mok, Co-acting with her, playing a hilrarious, over-the-top role....Very funny show must watch!! Will be on air sometime NEXT year on 5!!


This October 06 will be doing an emergency video for SMRT. Do catch me while you are onboard or waiting for train. Video will be out at all SMRT stations by end 2006.

Channel 8 new drama

After my grade in mediacorp acting file has been upgraded, I get better and heavier roles from Ch 8 casting unit, this time i am very lucky to be able to cross act with Li Nan Xing on the new ch 8's drama 'Bai Wan Bao'

With the above actors and actresses, we have hosted an event for GE Singapore, Makansutra, with the rest of their employees to different locations in Singapore for GREAT FOOD!!!!! Yummy!! we had a hell of a great time eating and joking with the participants and of course they enjoyed the most of the time with them, laughing and yelling onboard the bus.

Ratings : ********

Channel 5 – Without Warning!!!
Episode: 3 & 4
Debut: 29 Oct 2006
Description: Check out how I calm an emergency in Courts Superstore when it went black out!


Debut: 5 August 2006
Duration: 2 months


Featured Film - 财神爷 The Fortune Handbook (2017) Supporting as 光哥
Featured Film - 人人有份 Everybody Business
Musical - 玄奘大师  - as 弯刀 (Ensemble) - Directed by Loretta Chen

My Hope Singapore Video Shoot

Description: A video for My Hope Singapore, a community outreach project. It is a creative dramatic video comprising drama elements, music videos and a short message. The final product will be distributed on DVD to members of Singapore churches during the Christmas season and later to international divisions.


DBS Corporate Video -  The Finance Director


SWINGLE e Musical 歌剧


Movie: Men In White 鬼啊!鬼啊!


Genre: Horror / Comedy
Director: Kelvin Tong
Starring: Shaun Chen, Ling Lee, David Aw, Xavier Teo, Ben Yeung, Alice Lim, Benjamin Heng, Laurence Wong, Ckay Lim
RunTime: 88 mins
Released By: Shaw and InnoForm Media
Rating: TBA
Official Website: -

Opening Day: 6 June 2007



Being a human in Singapore is tough.
Being a ghost is even tougher.
And five ordinary Singaporeans are about to find that out.

A rollicking horror-comedy from top Singapore horror film director Kelvin Tong, Men In White takes on the scary from a completely new and hilarious angle.


Revolving around five cowardly and clueless Singaporean ghosts – a badminton player (Shaun Chen), a gangster girl (Ling Lee), a housewife (Alice Lim) and two hip-hop rappers (Ben Yeung & Xavier Teo), Men In White tells of their misadventures as they stumble through the bizarre rules of ghost-hood.


Trouble arrives in the form of a photographer ghost (David Aw) who joins out motley crew of undead and instigates them to wreak havoc on unsuspecting humans. The living fights back and our ghosts find themselves on the run and embarking unwittingly on a hilarious quest to strike fear into hearts of Singaporeans - a tribe more afraid of losing, failing and breaking rules than ghosts.


(extracted from


Its my greatest honour to be a part of the movie, have to thank a million times to Kelvin and Kat for giving me this opportunity and to all the casts and crews i have worked with in the movie. I have not only get to learn alot from them but also cultivated valuable friendship with them.


Here! Let's get to know more about MEN IN WHITE!!!!


Very honoured to take up a supporting role in the movie, A golden opportunity to work with Sir Kelvin Tong, Miss Kat Goh ad the whole team. As for what kind of have got to watch the movie in June this year. Hilarious, Fun and Good movie....a must watch movie with your friends, colleagues and family.

Theatre Stage Show – Short & Sweet (Singapore)
Wildcards - "On Love"
21 Apr @ The Arts House
3pm & 7pm
Role: Pastor

Top 20 - "Dead Rites"
25-29 Apr @ The Black Box
Role: Chew (Ghost)

Top 20 Plays –
18 April to 29 April 2007, 8pm
Studio Theatre, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Tickets: $25

WildCards –
21 to 22 April 2007, 3pm
Play Den, The Arts House
Tickets: $20

Gala Final –
2 May 2007, 7.30pm
Esplanade Recital Studio
Tickets: $35


NTU Film - Suicide Symphony

Role: Roly Polly (Lead)

Stage Comedy Drama Skit – Dong Zhi Festival @ Chinatown
Script by: CKay Lim
Directed by: CKay Lim

Sypnosis: A skit that narrates the origins and activities of Dong Zhi Festival.
Press Release:

The 5-days celebration will stage a specially written English comedy drama, the skit will focus on the significance and how Chinese families raditionally celebrate Dong Zhi. Scripted and directed by local artiste, CKay Lim, and will include familiar TV faces such as Craig Teo (Happy Belly),Annie Neo (My Sassy Neighbour), Linda Choy (Er Gu), Afwan (Superband-Juz B), Grace Kalai (Vasantham Central).



Did a Singapore Maritime Television Commerical (TVC) with my good friend, May Onn. Airing sometime in January 2007 on all local TV channels.


Action for AIDS Presents Temptation Nite”

Date: Friday, 24 November 2006
Time: 7.00pm  to 7.50pm

Held at workplaces and coffee shops in Geylang, the objective of the show is to stress that having unprotected sex in casual or multiple partner relationships will increase the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. The 30-minute entertainment show will kick off with the 2 hosts, Ckay and Eileen Wee rallying the crowd and presenting them with an opening number.

Remember: Safe sex doesn’t mean it’s any less pleasurable.



Happy Feet an animated musical with familiar voices of Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and many well known artistes. A movie worths you and your family to watch.

Hosted the movie promotion tour to several primary schools. Thanks to Golden Village for chosing me to represent them to promote the movie, I have been having alot of fun with the students, teachers, my fellow colleagues and of course the 2 penguins, Mumble and Ramon.

We rocked the school hall every morning from 6 nov to 10 nov. Students and teachers got on their feet to dance with the dance steps and also dancing with the penguins.


A fun opening launch of Zoo's Night Safari Restaurant, the Ulu Ulu Restaurant. Above are the funny casts that will make the night an unforgettable one! Will upload more pictures during rehearsals and on the opening night. Sorry, the performance is for invited guests only.


Currently acting in the following school shows by HPB

Dental Pentomime

Anti-Smoking - Primary (Idol Smoke)

Anti-Smoking - Secondary (X-treme Makeover)


Role: Wang Da Yuan (Rich Chinese Merchant)
Description: Acting as the rich chinese merchant Wang Da Yaun who came to Nanyang in the 1800s, my scene of acting is when he went back to china province, jotting down all about his sight seeing in Nanyang in Chinese was tough one really and not to forget about the thick and long costume, shooting in a hot room but it turned out well in the end. Very authentic.

Speak Good English Campaign 06

Did a skit on speaking good English with Alin Mosbit, Hossan Leong, Ckay Lim, Gregory Teo, Cleo Soong at the launch of Speak Good English Campaign @ the National Library.

For more information on the campagne, please visit the official website at


RADIO INTERVIEW: Listen, 'Live' to the radio interview with Eugene on 938Live

DAY: 11 JUNE 2006 (Sunday)
TIME: 8pm

In a city full of life, 39 year-old Natalie ? however ? doesn't seem to be enjoying any of it? Facing her the potential single-at-40 situation, the perky music journalist wonders if love will come her way ? or is she just destined to meet losers? But then again ? what'sso bad about being single eh? Single and swinging ? is what 'Swingle' is all about! Expect not just songs and dance but innermost thoughts on love and romance! Please click http:// for more information.


Sang and Hosted this event with Cecilia, my co-host, an event for all people from different races and religions. Hosted the second part of the show -Youth Jam which staged many performances from many very talented young people in Singapore....including myself singing 2 songs.....hehehe

For more information please visit

8MM Film

As one of the main lead, A series of 8 Super 8mm 'mini-shorts'. One of the series will be part of UK's 'Super-8 CITIES-GLOBAL PROJECT'

For more information please join Gavin Lim, my very creative Director at his website :


The main Lead in Family Voilence, a competition film by Nanyang Polytechnic.


The TVC for Discovery Channel on her new channel for men. Will be on cable sometime in May this year! Channel 72 Discovery Reality TV.

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) 10th Anniversary video and World Down Syndrome Day

Scripting and Voice-over recording for Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) 10th Anniversary video and World Down Syndrome Day video.

To listen to the voice-over and view the videos, please click on, for Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) 10th Anniversary video for World Down Syndrome Day video.

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