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Comedian Actor . Host & Drama Trainer(MOE registered)



(extracted from Channel News Asia)
Friday August 13, 10:17 PM

Singapore's new PM Lee starts first day in office
SINGAPORE : Mr Lee Hsien Loong started his first day of work as Prime Minister of Singapore on Friday.

 After the swearing-in ceremony and the celebration at Teck Ghee which ended at 11pm Thursday, Mr Lee turned up for work at the Istana 12 hours later.
His first order of the day was preparing several speeches he will be making, including his National Day Rally speech on August 22.

Mr Lee explained why in his swearing-in speech he chose to focus on Singaporeans, and not policies or economic issues.

"I think the policies people know we have. But, what they want is a sense of togetherness, inclusiveness, a sense that we are a people together and that the government knows this and will focus on this. And I thought this was important to put across in the first speech," Mr Lee said.

 A total of 1,400 guests had witnessed Mr Lee's swearing-in at the Istana, and many more watched it on television.

After that, thousands were a party at Teck Ghee to welcome the new Prime Minister.

"I'm very happy and I think the mood is good. The MPs are happy with their feel too, and I have received many e-mails, some from strangers, many from friends too, some from staff or former staff, and I thank all of them. And I will get round to replying them as soon as I can," Mr Lee said.

Singapore's new Prime Minister says he has a lot of work to be done at the table.
The responsibilities are different from when he was Deputy PM, issues more complex.
But like his predecessor, he pointed to an experienced team that has been there, and will be there to back him up.

"Dengue Prevention and Me"


      Time is GMT + 8 hours
      Posted: 28 September 2005 1637 hrs

      12,000 pupils to learn about dengue prevention through the stage
      By Margaret Perry, Channel NewsAsia


      SINGAPORE : The fight against dengue has gone to the stage in an effort to educate children.
      (Actors - Cynthia Lee, Dick Su, Ckay Lim, Prakash and Christina)


      A half-hour play was launched at Meridian Primary in Pasir Ris on Wednesday.

      The light-hearted look at such a serious issue caught the attention of the pupils.

      A North East CDC initiative, the play called "Dengue Prevention and Me" will be taken to all primary schools in the district, reaching 12,000 pupils.

      An exhibition also accompanies the play.

      Said Zainul Abidin Rasheed, mayor of North East CDC: "We want to reach out to children so they will convey the message to their siblings and their friends. The message will also sink in better through play-acting."


      I worked with Ckay on 2 projects: one is the drama role as actor in Missing II ( English docu on P5 at Mar 05) and the other as Emcee in the product launch event( interview Fann Wong on Jan 06). He is bilingual and very committed about his work.

      He is dynamic and versatile and easy to get into different characters and mood, a very good actor. As an Emcee, he is quick to response to the situation and spontaneous.

      I would like to recommend Ckay for your project without any reservation. 
      Call me at 67434535 (O) should you need further clarification.

      Joey Cheung
      Producer/ Director
      Of Atlas Associates

      I have had the opportunity of working with Ckay, as a Director for a school assembly programme. CK was casted and has been a most committed and dedicated actor, who would not only follow direction well, but would also contribute ideas that will make the scene works better.

      He's very good at interacting with the students as part of the programme.

      Appreciate his positive attitude and happy disposition. I would have no hesitation of working with him again anytime soon. Therefore, I'm happy to recommend Ckay to you, as you'll get to work with a committed actor.


      Best regards,

      Tony Quek

      Director, Dramaplus Arts

      I've had the opportunity to work with Ckay on a 4-day corporate video shoot in February, for the Foreign Manpower Management Division (FMMD), a division of the Ministry of Manpower. Ckay is a highly professional actor who takes his work seriously, and performs his best to meet the expectations of the director.

      In addition, he shows a lot of initiative and flexibility during shoots, and is always ready to offer his expertise whenever necessary. Ckay is a talented actor who exhibits professionalism, and he will be an asset to any production.”

      Wen Ling                           

      Casting Director

      The Right Angle Production

      I know Ckay briefly as a ‘part-timer’ when I was directing drama series for TV. I used to cast him as the upper class, professional or intellectual because he is presentable, proficient in both English and Mandarin, His performance was competent and he was cooperative, disciplined and never gives problems.

        However, I get to know him more when producing drama series “Hooked”.  (Sponsored by Central Narcotic Bureau, produced by 360 productions, commissioned by Channel U, telecast during Nov-Dec 2005) I was casting for the leading role, a drug addict, and was looking for someone who is willing to cut his hair for the prison scenes. Not many actors willing to “sacrifice”, but Ckay came forward and he got the role. Very soon, I knew I had made the right choice.


        Ckay was enthusiastic and serious in acting. He brought his own vintage accessories to make his image more convincing. Given a more important role this time, his potential and acting skill started to emerge. (Or, it was my ignorance before that). His performance was versatile, sophisticated, and had no problem acting as a lower class, which I thought he may not be familiar with. Behind the scene, he gets along with everyone very well. He is cheerful, funny and I believe he makes a good comedian too. Besides acting, he also sing, hosts, voice, teach and is all rounded. .

          He is not a ‘part-timer’, but a professional actor. In fact, he had been in this profession for quite some years. His potential is not fully uncover yet. I believed he would go far if given the opportunity and more in-depth role.


          Cheong Heng Leong

          Freelance Producer and Director

          I have been working on a few projects with CK and though they were not on film or TV, he strives to deliver what the director wants.  What I appreciate most about him is his willingness to learn the craft of acting.  He has on several occasions called me up on a personal level to train him in roles. 

          Even if they were very small, he took great pains to get them right and get my nod of approval.

          During rehearsals, he takes instructions well and attempts to get on well with cast and crew.  He is on time, returns calls and emails and is clear about his scheduling.


          Peggy Ferroa

          Producer, Director, Trainer

          I’'ve known Ckay through a certain theatre production. He was engaged as an actor for a school touring performance on Dengue Prevention. Ckay has proven himself to be an asset to the team. He is a very hardworking actor. He prepared himself well for his role well. Ckay contributed to the rehearsal process generously. He has shown great team spirit all the time. He is always on time and well-prepared.”


          Ckay'’s performance was well received. Ckay has great working attitude. I would recommend him to any directors.



          Faith Lew

          Director for Maxarts

          Dear Sir/ Madam, 

          I have always been and still are, very pleased to engage Ckay as emcee for our various events.


          For the past three years, Ckay has been emceeing for the various types of our events, such as D&Ds, Family Day events, roadshows, corporate teambuilding functions, and community parties.

          Onstage, he is a multi-talented performer, who is very quick-witted, and smart in his words, and his amiable personality onstage always gets the audience to relax, respond very well, and have a great time with plenty of interaction, lots of times rolling with laughter. We have received many praises from our clients for the great time the audience enjoyed.


          Even in corporate events such as roadshows and teambuilding events, Ckay always uses his initiative and smart thinking to deliver the corporate message and objectives, giving the audience fun yet meaningful entertainment. 

          He is also a great motivator onstage and is hence a popular choice for events where we have a huge crowd from all walks of life, and he always achieves good approval in such of our events, many of which includes the attendance of various ministers and dignitaries.

          Offstage, Ckay is also wonderful to work with. He is very professional and is always quick to grasp the requirements of each new project we pass to him, leaving us to have full trust and confidence in him to handle our events.


          He is also helpful, and full of initiative, and many times took care of emceeing and handling the event and the client, single-handedly.

          Our excellent working relationship has made us not just happy customers, but great friends as well. We will definitely not hesitate to recommend Ckay to our clients and associates, and we wish him all the best in all his future endeavours. 

          Thanks & regards 
          Jane Boey
          Director, EVO Communications
          Radio Presenter,WKRZ 91.3FM, UnionWorks

          Hi There


          Ckay has been working with our association for the past few years. He has been doing a wonderful job as emcee for all my events,( festivals' opening ceremony, appreciation dinners) often generating praises from my business stakeholders and members. He is not just fluent in both English and Mandarin but also has good linguistic knowledge.  He is able to capture the crowd and build up the ambience of any events. Most important, he is reliable and is confident on stage, deliver good results in return.

          Please do not hesitate to contact myself if you need more information.


          Jennifer Lee
          Marketing and Promotions Manager
          Chinatown Business Association

          You are indeed a fun and great show host! You are very natural and confident on stage. My management and staffs indeed had a great time. Thank you for rocking the room with laughter and making the staffs working together for the team building games even though they are all from different countries. Well Done!”


          Mr. Bernie Boyer

          VP Global Service Assurance


          We did enjoyed very much on the SCB’s Superstar. You have livened up the whole event not only with your games but also helping us on raising funds for the blind to restore their sight. A great show. Well done! Thanks!”


          Mr. Akshaya Guad


          Standard Chartered Banks Recreation Club

          Event : Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Superstar 2006

          On behalf of our management and staff, my committee would like to thank you for your sterling performance at our Dinner and Dance. It was one of the key factors for the success of our event. Your mastery and combination of ceremony, wit and humor was a hit with many, from *ministers, senior management to staff.


          You also controlled the mood and pace of the event well, enlivening and cheering up the crowd. At the outset, our committee had set a challenge of getting our staff o their feet to dance or move. We certainly got no lack of it on that night, and it was enjoyed in the true spirit of good fun and cohesion.


          Overall, we found the feedback to be very positive and encouraging. It is clear that they enjoyed your hosting and presence. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation, and we hope to see you in our future functions! 


          Stanley Fong

            *Ministers & MP present that night were,

            v      Mr. Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development

            v      Mr Heng Chee How, Minister of State for Trade and Industry

            v      Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports and National Development

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